At Fairchild

we believe that values and behaviours closely associated with the Nordic cultures form a winning leadership formula in this new world. We believe in fair, clear and consistent leadership. We believe that individuals with a solid value compass are better leaders. We rejoice in curiosity and an understanding of the world around us. We know that diverse teams perform better. We have a passion for people and look for passionate people. But, while powerful forces shape our own and our clients’ industries, many of the fundaments of executive search remain the same.

For us, a stellar understanding of our client’s current and future business, a local touch with a global reach, a performance driven culture, a person-centric search process and a smooth and professional search journey, are at the core of our service. Combined with an instinct to understand, and a passion to develop, Nordic leadership. At Fairchild, we place leaders in the right organisations at the right time.

For the right reasons.

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